Full name

Luigi Guatieri


Game Artist/Game Designer


Boston, MA


I make weird games


Luigi Guatieri is a BAFTA award winning artist and games person doodling his life away in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally crawling out of the sea in New Zealand, he somehow flopped his way ashore to work with the other wonderful mind at Popcannibal on a number of weird games such as KIND WORDS and BLOCKPOOPER 9. He likes making worlds most, and screaming disembodied heads second.

[KIND WORDS] (lo fi chill beats to write to)
MAKE SAIL by Popcannibal
ELEGY FOR A DEAD WORLD by Popcannibal and Dejobaan
GIRLS LIKE ROBOTS published by [adult swim]

2020 BAFTA Games Beyond Entertainment , BAFTA
Awarded for Kind Words
2019 Games For Impact (Nominee) 2019 , The Game Awards
Awarded to Kind Words
2019 Indiecade Europe Grand Prix 2019 , Indiecade Europe
Awarded to Kind Words
2015 Famitsu Gold Award for Girls Like Robots Wii u , Famistu Magazine
2015 IGF Nuovo Nomination for Elegy for a Dead World , Independent Games Festival
2014 GDC Experimental Games Workshop: Elegy for a Dead World , Game Developers Conference
2014 IGF Nuovo Honorable Mention for Elegy for a Dead World , Independent Games Festival
2014 Indiecade Selection 2014 for Elegy for a Dead World , Indiecade
2014 PAX 10 2014 Selection for The Counting Kingdom , Penny Arcade
2014 MassDigi Game Challenge Grand Prize for The Counting Kingdom , MassDigi
2013 Gamercamp 2013 official Selection for Captain Astronaut , Gamercamp
2012 PAX EAST 2012 Mobile Selection for GIRLS LIKE ROBOTS , Penny Arcade
2011 Senior Award for Illustration , Lesley University College of Art and Design

Popcannibal Dejobaan Little Worlds Interactive Disco Pixel Gameblyr 82apps Mightier


Adobe CS, Unity3D, Blender, Clip Studio Paint Pro, Illustrating, Painting, Game Design, Concept Art, Zbrush, Substance Designer, Substance Painter